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Energy Clearing Through Art and Sound

Miqo Dionisio is primarily an artist who utilizes channeling and intuition in his craft.  Using both, he conducts energy clearing and sound bath meditations with the use of instruments that produce high frequency vibrations such as crystal singing bowls, Celtic harp, tuning forks and energy bar chimes. In his intuitive healing sessions, he employs light language to transmit messages for consciousness ascension and infuses Reiki healing - an ancient Japanese healing technique of laying down hands to transmute energies into light. His channeled readings aim to help his clients in their practical every day life. 


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The moment I stepped in my new place I felt agitated and it’s like someone/something’s not welcoming me to live there. Then my bestfriend recommended Miqo to me. I was nervous at first thinking I might not catch up on what he’s going to say and do since I have no idea on what he does, the supernaturals, and what-nots. And he proved me wrong, he was easy to talk with and there’s no judgements! I felt so relaxed and calm right after he cleared me and my space. It’s like a heavy object has been lifted on my shoulders and my new place has lighten up. Thank you Miqo! Light and love for you always.
Miqo’s Energy Clearing Harmonics session paved way for the spiritual enlightenment journey that I’ve been going through. The healing process is both scientific and spiritual at the same time, so the experience for me is very magical.

I’ve recommended it to a lot of friends and they’re all very happy and satisfied too. They even have more sessions with him now than I do! 🙂

Super thanks Miqo for the very uplifting sessions and cheers for more! 🙂
— Carlo Chu, Philippines
I’ve been working with Miqo for at least a couple of years. There is something about Miqo’s presence that immediately uplifts you, as though you’re being reunited with a person you’ve known a long time ago. Miqo radiates wholeness. He is my go-to for energy harmonics and space clearing. I got to know Miqo’s energy the first time he cleared our home. On the car ride going to our place, he described it so well, yet he hadn’t been there before and he never asked me for our address. His visit to our home confirmed “stories” we’ve been hearing from neighbors / passers-by who had “seen” the energy in our space. Shortly after he did space clearing, I learned I was pregnant. I know that my succeeding one-on-one sessions with Miqo helped me throughout my pregancy and eventually my birth experience. My daughter’s energy is so peaceful and light - which is exactly how I found myself feeling after every session with Miqo. One of my healers told me, the clearings I did while I was pregnant eliminated a lot of karmic energy from my daughter. Miqo has always been “guiding” me from when I first worked with him. He answers my questions patiently, and is so eloquent in his explanations. He has helped me make sense of my past/present journey. Miqo has been one of the healers who inspired me to learn more about my soul path and purpose, and who has given me the confidence to trust, to love, and to heal not just others but also first and foremost, myself.
— Em Somera-Chua, Philippines
Knowing Miqo is by far one of the best things that ever happened to me. I belive that meeting him is “synchronicity” at work because he served as a key in discovering the answers that I was looking for my entire life. Through several healing and reading sessions with him, he propelled me to a whole new level of understanding myself and everything that surrounds me. He serves as an instrument in realizing my self worth as well as a deeper perception of forgiveness and love. These realizations resulted to transform my life significantly! I always feel elated after my sessions which I never thought I would get to experience. I feel utmost peace and very light as if something heavy was lifted off me. Benevolent occurrences in my life happen frequently. More surprisingly, these transformations were also noticed by the people around me!
These life-changing experiences wouldn’t be possible without the guidance of Miqo. Him being an intuitive and a consummate professional, sessions with him always bring forth an authentic and insightful experience. Also, the space he creates during his sessions gives you a feeling of safety because he projects a vibe of unconditional acceptance wherein you can confide everything without being judged. So if you want to witness first hand the experiences I’ve shared with you, know that you’re in capable hands and the journey with him is like no other! Thank you Miqo for helping me bring out the divine in me!
— Kaye Decena, Philippines



I promise to work with only my authentic Self channeling from nothing less than 100% light. I exhibit integrity in my sessions that is expressed through passionate conversations and dedication to your path. I uphold professionalism regardless of relationship, status, sexual orientation/preference, race or religion. My sessions are non-judgmental, secular and confidential.


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About Me

MY NAME IS miqo (with a q).

I started exhibiting psychic tendencies in my toddler years. I would be seeing visions and hearing voices that would be dismissed as imaginary. In my teenage years, I explored the many facets of my gifts through "accidents". This was the time where I knew I am claircognizant, clairvoyant and clairaudient, on top of being retro-cognitive. I worked in the corporate world for eight years after my graduation before I made the leap. I now work as a full-time energy healer, artist and writer in the Philippines. I am looking forward to working abroad and living to experience a different culture. I am very much open to collaborations here and outside the country. You may reach me through +639175013734.